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Gothic Armor Costume

Our wearable gothic armor is perfect for someone looking for a medieval knight look. The armor is completely wearable and should fit an average bilt man. There are no finer examples of medieval armor design than that of Gothic styling. The curves and fluting that make this armor truly unique were originally created by the artistic German armorers of the late 15th century. We have recreated their passion for beauty in medieval armor with this magnificent Gothic breastplate that will excite the soul. Our full size wearable armor looks great on display; however, if you want a real feeling of gallantry, don your armor and set dansels hearts a flutter. Each stylish gothic armour cuirass (breastplate & backplate) comes complete with tassels (upper thigh protection) and fits chest up to 44" and waist to 38". Hand crafted of 18 gauge steel. (Pictured with our chainmail - sold separately).

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